At Specialist Marketing Group, we are experts at bringing structure to the ever-changing world of public relations and social media marketing. We take pride in our in-depth approach and are committed to helping our clients achieve the maximum impact from their marketing efforts. Here are a few ways we achieve this:

  • Our PR strategy starts with getting to know our client on an in-depth level during the discovery process. From there we identify key story angles, narratives, differentiators that set the business apart.
  • At the core of our marketing strategy is the STORY. What is the story and where should it be told for maximum impact? We’ll then begin outreach and pitches to select media outlets nationwide.
  • We give structure to the confusion of social media with written strategic plans, account set-up, team/employee training, and ongoing design support.
  • We put the “media” into social media via direct outreach to industry publications, writers, and influencers; utilizing everything from press releases and blogs to Instagram posts and stories.
  • Client placements include local television markets in the top 25 in the nation, syndicated podcasts & radio shows, national television outlets, and top tier business publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC.

At Specialist Marketing Group in Rochester, NY, we’re passionate about working with entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners in a unique way. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how our team of experts can help support you as you grow your business, contact us today.